February 1, 2020

Aparna Nethaji

Most of us don't know what to get our S.O when it comes to Valentine's Day; And if you're in a relationship, every day can be Valentine's Day. So, how do you make this V-day particularly distinctive? Shopping for that special gift can be tricky. What if he doesn't quite like it? What if she thinks you got her something just for the sake of buying something?

When it comes to gifting, it's important to discover your partner's personality. Maybe he's more casual when it comes to style, perhaps she likes makeup and accessories. It's quite appealing when your partner knows what you like, they'll be grateful for the gesture that you've been thinking of them.

Apparel and accessories are things you can't go wrong with and we suggest you keep it simple like a pretty dress that she'll love or a great blazer he'll wear forever. We've compiled 10 different looks for him and her based on personality. Trust us, your partner's going to thank you for this!

For the guy who loves his books, chronicles of ancient folklore and urban city-life, this look is perfect for him. Get your guy to try a gingham blazer to symbolise geometry, a mark of a quick-witted man. A cropped trouser gives off a subtle indie look to pull the outfit together. Get him a smoothing beard oil to maintain that sharp rustic vibe you can't get enough of.

A leather moto jacket should already be in his wardrobe if he's a biker. If not, get him one he can wear time and again! A tapered denim jean adds a defining look to his silhouette by bringing focus to his broad shoulders. Carolina Herrera's 212 VIP cologne adds the right amount of attitude to top off his solitary demeanour.
Chilly Mornings

We pictured the suburban life when we thought of the type of guy who gets the newspaper for you every morning. The type you take home to mom. Think sherpa for chillier mornings and olive green for that utilitarian look. Go easy with a high-top sneaker that he is sure to wear every day.
Girl next door

Don't let Valentine's Day scare her away from reds and pinks! Soft pastels are totally in this season, and she'll appreciate your love for art with this painterly shift dress. So artsy! With subtle shimmers of pink, she'll look mesmerising for that special date. We're picturing a warm candlelit dinner reflecting on that glittery clutch!
High Street Simplicity
Let's say your girlfriend is sophisticated but minimal. What do you get someone who likes the best of both worlds? An evergreen outfit, of course! Girls tend to go back to their favourite dress or bag when they're heading to the office, so getting her something simple and effortless like a geometric print dress or an oakwood bag would actually be a necessity! A sapphire earring represents royalty, divinity and love everlasting. She can complete the look with flirty lashes for that romantic night out.
Gentleman's Jack

We're getting some real James Bond vibes from this one! In reality, every guy is a daredevil at heart. To get the look, opt for whites and blacks, engaging in seamless textures and refined prints. Mont Blanc's Emblem toilette defines a man and his achievements. He's the type to charm his way through, leaving an impact on everyone he meets. He's elegant, impressive and simmering with sex appeal.

For a guy who has a little humour and a little flair for the simpler things of life, a neutral blazer and stylish sneakers give him the look he's been trying to pull off. He's stylish but doesn't want to look like he's trying too hard. Perhaps he appreciates simpler lines and easy outlines. He's the type to express his views on democratic socialism with a sarcastic tone
Hipster Chic

If your girl's more low-key with a bit of nerdiness, she's sure to LOVE something simple, like a mini print dress for work. Get her a mahogany coloured shoulder bag that she can carry just about everywhere or a mauve lipstick which is as vital as a nude one for girls on the go. She can pair the outfit with a faux sapphire floral drop earring to add the final touch.
Boho Beautiful

With the hippie/boho trend taking over the runway, we knew your girl would want to explore the nomadic look. This look inspires travel, free-spiritedness and spirituality. If she's particularly into travel and aligning chakras, you just have to get her something she'll carry with her on her travels. Up next: a road trip!
Visiting the Orient Express
Another look we're seeing this season are jewel colours on a mix of textures like velvets. Velvets uncover the passion of Valentine's Day in a subtle way, a dark romanticism if you will. The look is very urban chic, with textures meant for late nights and colourful cocktails. Garnet is a colour that symbolises a celebration. Top off the look with a garnet lipstick and tassel necklace that she'll love.