January 22, 2020

Aishwarya Nayak

Do you feel runway looks are no good for you? Well, we're here to change your mind. We have put together a list of 8 trends for men and women that you should look out for this year. These styles aren't meant only for the "Bold Fashionistas" but can actually be worn for everyday. This 2020, look voguish effortlessly and give your wardrobe a mod makeover coz you know what they say - New Year, new wear!
Men: Printed shirts are in

The era of printed shirts is here. We're talking about floral, striped, heathered, weaved and so much more for you to play around with. This style is short and simple... well, with not-so-simple prints. well, with not-so-simple prints. Complete your look with a pair of solid chinos. Add a hat and sunglasses for them sunny days to up your style game.
Men: Look out for Oversized Blazers

The '80s called and it wants you to bring back 'oversized blazers'! It's a simple yet eye-grabbing style that won't go unnoticed. Pick a suit jacket (pinstripe, plaid or solid, your pick) that is a few sizes bigger than your usual size. Wear a basic white tee or a hip button-down shirt under your blazer. Throw on a pair of slim-fit jeans or trousers and sneakers for a hip retro yet modern outfit.
Men: Yes to over-the-knee shorts

To get the ultimate casual look, get a pair of 'over the knee' shorts. Choose bottoms in a bright colour or go for the ones with a bold pattern. Whatever you choose, you're going to rock the look either way. Team this with a solid shirt or a T-Shirt and kicks. A celeb you might have already seen sporting this look all the time: Justin Bieber.
Men: Say hello to Crossbody bags

Who said sling and messenger bags were meant only for women? Men are acing this look everywhere in the world and it's high time you do too. Go for a sleek crossbody; solid or with minimal prints. Strap it around you and take on the day in utmost style and total comfort. The best part is this bag works well with both formal and casual wear.
Women: Think polka, thick polka

2020 is all about polka dots; elevated, chock-full, small, scattered, It was one of the biggest Spring/Summer 2020 runway predictions, and we're seeing celebs, models and influencers 'dot' this look extensively already. It's safe to say, it's going to be a 'dotty' New Year.
Women: Go for Marigold

What's the first thing you think of when someone says, Marigold? Flower? Well, that's about to change to Colour! Marigold is somewhere in between mustard and gold, and something you're sure to see lots of in 2020. Be it in dresses, tops, jumpers or jackets, when you're sporting this colour, you're going to look a lot like sunshine.
Women: Fringe is a favourite

It's 2020, let it hang and let it be loose. We're glad to see fringes back in the picture. But is it just us or does this look cooler than before? We're loving the fringes on denim jackets, dresses, tops and on everything, basically. This old school cowboy trend has galloped to runways and straight to wardrobes. So, are you ready to flounce?
Women: Shine on you crazy diamond

Let us open the doors for shiny fabrics and tons of metallic this year. And this is not just for those hectic parties, but actually for your casual outings too. When you opt to go shiny just make sure your makeup is neutral and you're good to go.