October 30, 2019

Aishwarya Nayak

Halloween might be known as the "Day of the Dead" but we want your nail art game to be alive and on point. Here are 10 extra-lit ideas so your hands can do all the talking for you! So pick what suits your style and personality and slay this Halloween.
False Talons

Looking for an edgy nail art design that isn't much of a hassle? Go for 'False Talons'. They don't require long nails or filing, and they give the freaky look of talons. First, paint a nude base colour and then apply a dark triangular design at the centre to get a sharp and cutting look, literally (well, almost).
Creepy Crawly Friends

Halloween and spiders are like burgers and fries, a famed combination. Pick this holiday favourite design and revel in the essence of Halloween. Give people 'the chills' when they look down at your nails and see these creepy crawlers
Drippy Mani - Do it like Kylie!

The queen of trends and the makeup mogul, Kylie Jenner first showcased this "French Drip" nail design which became another Halloween favourite. Do up your nails in this 'drip' fashion similar to Jenner's and let your nails 'wow' everyone.
Chic & Spatial

If you're not a fan of over-the-top nail art, not even on Halloween, we have something that is glam plus basic. You just need four things to rock this look: a nude base, two contrasting colours, like black and silver, and your awesome self. The result? A legit sexy yet spatial look.
The Addams Family

If you have time on your hands, spend it doodling the entire Addams Family on your fingernails along with some key features of the show like coffins, stripes, roses etc., while sticking to the monochrome and nude theme, of course. You're sort of going to exhibit your Halloween style like how Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner did last year.
Casper - The friendly ghost

If you're looking for a Halloween nail art design that is not creepy, bloody or gross, this minimal ghost should be on top of your list! This not only sticks to the theme but is also super easy to do - plus it's extremely cute to look at.
The Delicate Web

Are you both daring and delicate? Then this nail art design couldn't be more perfect for you! It's spooky yet sexy which is perfect for the Halloween party. And the best part? You can flaunt them post-Halloween as well.
Flawless Claws

Want to get into the Halloween mood but not compromise on your style? Then these 'Flawless Claws' are perfect for you! Also known as 'Stiletto Nails,' this nail art design flaunts a sharp finish and an ombré effect that does justice to the name and the season. Let your nails pop and you can lay low costume wise
Stitches of Frankenstein

A Frankenstein fan? You'll love this 'Stitches of Frankenstein' look! It's an eerie yet playful design that doesn't require much effort or time. Show off your nails and let's just say this 'operation' will be a successful one.
Clearly Freaky

What's the best part of going the acrylics way this freaky season? They add an extra touch to the usual classic Halloween designs like half-moons and cobwebs. There is only one problem with this look - you're going to get flooded with compliments.