November 23, 2019

Aishwarya Nayak

Wish there was a way you can lose weight overnight? Well, there is one way you can...HIDE IT! Or at least for now. We're here to guide you on what outfits to wear and share some style tips which will help you hide your love handles. After we're done with you, you're sure to look even more awesome for all the plans you’ve got lined up this holiday season!
Flattering necklines for the win
It's better to chose dresses which have admirably low neck lines because they are a great way to divert attention from your lower body. Flaunt what your mama gave you in a fashionable way with dresses and tops that have a plunging V-neck and scooped neckline.
Vertical is the right way to go
Opt for vertical stripes. They not only make you look taller and leaner, but they also help in hiding your not-so-flattering muffin top. Most of us feel patterns and prints draw unwanted attention to the wrong places but the truth is, patterns are okay as long as they are vertical lines in tops, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, pants, etc.
Be a skater girl
Thank God for skater dresses! This trend is a friend for all body types. The highlight of this style is the short flouncy hemline and the snug body fit that definitely helps create an illusion of “little waist and long legs”. This style will always ace your look, no doubt!
Yay for High Waist
Choose high-waisted cigarette trousers, wide-leg pants or skinny jeans. These make you look thinner. Tuck in a bodysuit or wear a crop top and carry a sling bag with pointed-toe heels to sport a hot and holiday-ready look.
Accessories accessories accessories!
Breaking down all the staple accessories you must invest in—statement jewellery to draw attention, belts to accentuate your waist, shoes with pointed or peep toes, and pumps and strappy heels to project a leaner silhouette. And for bags, go for big totes and never the ones that are too small for your frame.
When in doubt wrap it up
Girls, wrap dresses and tops are your new best friends. The tie at the waist will accentuate your waistline and make it look smaller while the flared bottom will cover-up your frenemy, love handles. Choose a maxi dress which will make you look taller and slimmer at the same time.
Darkness is your ally
Wearing dark colours will actually make you look slimmer. Call it an illusion or whatever, the dark does not showcase your body bulges and hides any folds, bumps and creases in your body. So buy that tight-fitted dress you’ve always had your eyes on, in a dark colour, and get ready to look like you’ve scaled down a few inches.
Peplums can be a lifesaver
If you’re heavier on the bottom, pick peplum tops as they draw in the waist and give you an hourglass body shape. If you ask us, this silhouette disguises the love handle area perfectly. Pait it over skinny jeans, jeggings or skirts, and don’t forget the heels!
Get Midi with it
Midi skirts are another must-have in your closet collection. Opt for skirts that fit tightly around the waist and flare outwards. You can pick a top that fits snugly such as a buttoned-up shirt or a top, and tuck it into your skirt. So, this will hero your waist, hide your belly, thighs and legs. Top this look with heels and you have yourself a sexy look.